Estabilished as a butcher shop in Dello in province of Brescia in 1950 from Mario e Giuseppe Gagliazzi, F.lli Gagliazzi is a company voted to innovation and maximum quality that has been able to renovate and expand their activity in the food sector until the supplying of vacuum-seal products destinated to the international catering.

A family-run reality at third generation that uses 18 resources between laboratory, offices and sale point, Gagliazzi is a synonim of great experience and tradition but also advanced tecnology, thanks to its innovation system and phylosophy of continuous training.

A company that looks to the future, with marketing strategies that brought them to commercialize in few years their products of high quality up to the United States of America, with procedures that guarantee the total tracking of raw materials and prepared foods, and with a policy of recruitment which favors young and dynamic staff for keeping high the level of creativity

F.lli Gagliazzi

  • 1950

    Gagliazzi’s butcher is founded from the brothers Mario and Giuseppe.
  • 1975

    Inauguration of the butchery’s new headquarter, bigger and with modern facilities.
  • 2000

    Entrance in the business of Mario’s sons: Severino, Giacomo and Fabio, who start the commercialization of gastronomic products in the shop.
  • 2009

    Start-up of a CE brand laboratory for the preparation of products destinated to a Business to Business sale for bars, restaurants and hotels.
  • 2015

    Beginning of commercial relations with foreign markets, in particulary with european states and United States of America.

F.lli Gagliazzi di Gagliazzi Severino & C. snc
Via Roma, 131 - 25020 Dello (BS)

P.IVA 00555720986

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