Thanks to continue innovative philosophy, to business foresight and to propensity for the excellence of taste, since 2009 Gagliazzi realises first, second and side dishes in vacuum-sealed cooking or pasteurized destinated to the high catering.

It’s about really high quality products aimed to restaurant and 4-5 stars hotel which have the approval of the most demanding palate thanks to the accurated selection of raw materials, to the excellent recipes studied by world-renowned chefs, to clear and standardised methods of preparation and to advanced packaging technologies.

In the face of long-term contracts, of huge orders or of collaborations with big chains which would justify the productive effort, for this line of products of high catering Gagliazzi studies and realises also personalised recipes.

F.lli Gagliazzi di Gagliazzi Severino & C. snc
Via Roma, 131 - 25020 Dello (BS)

P.IVA 00555720986

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Contributi percepiti per l'anno 2018 :
- GSE   TARIFFA  INCENTIVANTE   FOTOVOLTAICO                          € 12.419,73   
- ELBA                                                                                                    €      275,00
- DOTE  APPRENDISTATO                                                                   €      200,00
- Regolamento per i fondi interprofessionali per la   formazione continua per la concessioni di aiuti di stato esentati ai sensi del regolamento CE n.651/2014 e in   regime de minimis ai sensi del regolamento CE      
n. 1407/2013                                                                                       € 10.000,00